Our clause guarantees 100% satisfaction.

Despite our best intentions, we sometimes think it would be great to have a reset button and undo what we did when buying real estate or investments that usually do not exist! For example;

I made a small investment in this technology company and, within a month of my purchase, the stock fell 30% in value. Unfortunately, there was no guarantee.

We want you to buy properties with confidence, which is why all our offers have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yes, you have read this correctly, if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, we will exchange your property for another within 365 days. No questions!

The money already paid will simply be applied to the new parcel price. If there is a balance due, you simply pay the difference or start making payments with your new installment, just like you were before (if using our financing). And this will be in writing in your purchase agreement!


Cancel at any time without penalty.

If you decide to use our direct financing and can not continue to make payments for any reason whatsoever, just contact us, without balance, without debt, without charge, without legal action – no hard feelings!

And you can rest easy knowing you can apply all the money you paid to another installment within 365 days, allowing you enough time to get back together financially!