Common questions

Can you help me find other lands?

Yes, we have access to the entire land market in florida and neighboring states.

If I pay for it, will I get the documentation right away?

The process takes around 4 to 12 weeks.

How do I take possession of my land after payment?

In the case of the financed property you can visit it and do the necessary maintenance, but for construction only after final payment.

Do I need to pay tax even though I’m in Brazil?

You can send to Palm Beach Property, we charge a $ 50 fee or do it directly with a Titlle Company

How does the Financing system work?

Very easy!
You do not need proof of income. Direct credit with the owner without paying bank fees or commissions to broker.
You buy and pay right here.

How can I be approved living in Brazil?

It’s simple…
You give an entry and make the payments according to your financing plan.

What guarantees will I have that my land is without writing problems in Florida?

Before placing the disposal, we carry out a complete search to verify any type of irregularity.

Can I buy land only for investment?

Yes of course! It is an excellent option.
If you decide to sell, we can help you through the entire sale process.
If you are not a US citizen or do not have Green Card, at the time of the sale you will pay a 15% tax (real estate profit identical to Brazil) to the US Government.

Do you have properties for commercial use?

Yes, the cost is higher in relation to residential properties, but the valuation will also be higher.