Cecilia Vieira Neto – Manaus/Brazil

When a friend of mine told me about buying land in Florida, I did not believe her, but when I saw what she had bought and the ease of payment, I became very interested. Marco and Fabrício met me very well, they explained everything right to me and made sure to send much more information and photos of what I had requested and this left me even calmer to close the business. Despite having a super easy financing as the price was within my reach I decided to buy the view and already have all the documentation and certification in my name. The terrain was personally much bigger than I imagined and I was surprised when I discovered that it is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida and near the amusement parks. I am very satisfied and I already have the plant in hand to begin construction. Thank you Marco and Fabrizio for all your attention, dedication and honesty.

Márcia Pedroso – Curitiba/Brazil

I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The land was exactly as described in the advertisement, the locality is still new but already has asphalt, electricity and plumbing. The area is beautiful and very pleasant. My husband is already making plans to build our vacation home and we are very anxious. We were super well taken care of by Marco and Fabrício, who managed a very easy financing for us, with low entry and super easy to pay monthly fees. I recommend this company with the greatest confidence.

Claudio Martins Brigada – Porto Alegre/Brazil

I met Palm Beach Property, Marco and Fabrizio on my last trip to Miami and when I saw the ad I was a little suspicious, I asked for more information and I got a contact immediately, they answered all my questions and my doubts were resolved. I had no plans to buy a lot in Florida, I did not even know it was that easy, but when I saw the prices, super easy financing and low tuition I had no doubts, I bought 2 lots near Disney in a gated community with all the infra -ready ready structure just waiting to build the house. The process was quick and easy, I went to see the grounds and they are exactly as in the photo and the description. Impatiently satisfied and probably will buy another 1 or 2. Congratulations Marco and Fabrício for the excellent work.

Roberto Dias Carvalho – São Paulo/Brazil

I saw your ad on Google and I did not believe it would be possible, but I went in and got in touch and got all the information quickly. I researched everything about your company and also consulted some friends who live in Florida to see if everything was true and I was very pleased to know that the company is totally legal and honest, including one of my friends has already bought a lot with you and him is super satisfied. I am going to Florida soon to see my terrain personally but I am relaxed with the purchase and satisfied.