How it works?

This is one of the main doubts of anyone who is looking for a Land to Live or Invest in Florida.

We at Palm Beach Property we separate a step by step for those who still have doubts about buying procedures for Housing or Investment in Florida.

Every purchase process will be accompanied directly by Palm Beach Property, ensuring that everything runs smoothly!

It’s time to choose the place of your dreams, browse our website and choose the property by region, size or price range appropriate to your need.

Browse through pictures and check out all the details of each property! If you still have questions, we will be happy to.
Did you choose the Land of your Dreams? Let’s go to the next step.…

Please contact us through our phones or E-mail.
We have a structure ready and able to assist you in a fast and efficient, bringing total tranquility and transparency in the acquisition of your property.

We can take you personally to know the property and its neighborhood.
We speak Portuguese, Spanish and English. Facilitating communication.
We may close the agreement on the property or in our office or other convenient location to you.

Choose whether you want to pay cash or take advantage of our financing, starting at $ 699.00 (Consult us about direct financing conditions with us). We accept all forms of payment.

We will take care of all the documentation and processes so that you can acquire your property with the utmost tranquility and security.
Buy 100% Secure.